Start your mindfulness journey with our BAMBA recognized 8-week introductory course: Mindfulness for Life

Our next course starts Saturday May 28th (10am UK time)

*limited places available

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This training is a deep introduction to mindfulness.

In a supportive community - over 8 weeks - learn to cultivate presence, joy, and compassion.

  • Meet prerequisites for further training

    This training meets the prerequisite requirements for all our other teacher training courses - Kids Programme, SOMA Programme & Mindfulness for Life One Year Programme.

  • Practice the core principles of mindfulness

    Through this course you will establish a daily mindfulness practice, learn how to access deep rest and cultivate present-moment awareness.

  • Learn the practice of cultivating joy

    Joy and happiness are habits of mind that you can consciously nurture. In this course you'll learn the meditation practices that enable this.

  • Develop self-compassion and kindness

    Mindfulness practice will enable a different relationship to yourself and others - one that is kinder and gentler, but also more life-affirming and empowering.

  • Supportive group cohort

    On this 8-week journey, you'll be part of cohort of like-minded peers learning and exploring these practices together. This enriches and deepens the learning immensely.

  • State of the art learning platform

    All of the course materials, including reading, guided meditations and supporting videos are hosted on our state of the art learning platform.

Training Dates

weekly live zoom sessions on Saturdays from 10am to 12pm.

Starting on 28th May and finishing on 16th July. 

All of the live sessions are recorded and uploaded to our learning platform so you can catch up on anything you miss. 

In addition, there is a day retreat on Sunday 3rd July via zoom which takes place from 10am until 4pm.

All times are UK time.

Develop a life-changing mindfulness practice

Mindfulness is not just about calming down. It’s about much more than that.

It’s about becoming fully present for each moment of life.

When we practice this consistently we become less caught up in the chatter of our mind; we learn the art of bringing ease and relaxation to our nervous system; we enjoy more deeply the good things in life; and learn to bring compassion to what’s difficult.

In short, it's a revolutionary approach to life.

Learn to cultivate joy

Recent advances in the neuroscience of wellbeing show that joy and happiness are skills that we can learn. We can train our brains to strengthen the habits of optimism, gratitude and joyfulness.

What's more these positive emotional experiences don't just make us feel good - they change the way we approach life. To nourish our happiness and joy can be transformational.

On this course you'll learn concrete practices to nurture joy and happiness.

Develop compassion for yourself and others

Just like joy and happiness, kindness and compassion are habits of mind and heart that can be nurtured through conscious training.

These practices allow us to befriend our inner critic and become less judgmental of ourselves and others. They are also one of the strongest cause of wellbeing, allowing us to live with greater purposefulness and flow and less self-consciousness

In this course, you'll learn practices to cultivate kindness and compassion that human beings have used for 1,000s of years.

Course Teacher

Lorna Walker

Lorna is a mindfulness teacher and trainer with decades of experience in the education and social care sectors. She was previously a principal teacher and wellbeing advisor at Quarriers and is one of Youth Mindfulness’ lead trainers and co-author of the Youth Mindfulness SOMA Programme. Lorna has a passionate interest in building compassionate communities, and takes a systems-based approach to nurturing the wellbeing of staff teams. She has a particular specialisation in harm reduction and works closely with CALM Training to bring mindfulness and compassion training to staff teams both in the UK and internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I won't be able to make all of the sessions, can I still join the course?


    We very much encourage attendance at the live sessions because they are interactive and dynamic, but if you need to miss any you'll be able to catch up with the recordings on our learning platform.

  • I have some experience of mindfulness already, will this course be too basic?

    If you have some experience, but haven't been practising that long, it's likely you'll find this course very worthwhile.

    While it intends to be suitable for complete beginners, it is a deep introduction, and will likely offer new perspectives and depth to your existing practice.

  • What homework is required outside of the weekly live sessions?

    A crucial part of this course is developing your daily mindfulness meditation practice. We will provide you with audio guided meditations in mp3 format. Plan to give 30 minutes a day to your daily practice.

    Developing a new daily mindfulness practice can be challenging and we don't expect participants to perfect in maintaining their daily practice. The course is here to support you in developing this habit. It's this consistent practice that is key to gaining the most benefit from the course.

  • I have more questions! How can I get them answered?

    No problem, just email us at We'll get back to you as quickly as we can!